Part 6 – Archeology, History and Recovery

In part 6 of Joe Tarasuk’s interview with Gary Buyers, Gary shares his love of archeology and biblical history and it’s relationship to recovery.

Gary shares that his recent trip to Israel reinvigorated his faith as he shared the biblical world of their time.

Gary said that archeology for him has become an important spiritual tool in his own walk with God.

In the video, learn what Gary says is the proof of the Bible.

Hint… the real proof of the Bible is “recovery.”



Pastor Gary Byers serves as the Deputy Director of Helping Up Mission (HUM) in Baltimore, MD. Gary’s responsible for offering spiritual direction and oversight for all clients and staff in the HUM family. HUM believes God’s love can set men free — from drugs and alcohol, from poverty and homelessness, and from any other self-destructive behavior.

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