Part 5 – Prescription Drug Addiction is as Serious as Heroin

In Part of Joe Tarasuk and Gary Buyers conversation, the topic turns to the serious issue of prescription drug addiction.

While Joe has personally been on the other side of illegal drugs, he also had to endure to the challenge of a wife who locked him out of the medical system. Doctors could not inform him of his wife’s condition or issues as she struggled with her own addictions.

Joe shares how this issue, which is deeply personal to him, is one that is often not talked about and is neglected.

Gary s hared how two guys became addicted to prescription drugs due to pain from work related injuries.

Their story is like so many… they never intended to become drug addicts. But the “good feeling” from the drugs overshadowed their pain and they found themselves hooked.

After the medication ran out, they turned to the streets in order to buy the pills and get their fix.

Joe asks that we all be in prayer for solutions and breakthroughs.

If you’re struggling with a prescription drug addiction, Contact Us today!



Pastor Gary Byers serves as the Deputy Director of Helping Up Mission (HUM) in Baltimore, MD. Gary’s responsible for offering spiritual direction and oversight for all clients and staff in the HUM family. HUM believes God’s love can set men free — from drugs and alcohol, from poverty and homelessness, and from any other self-destructive behavior.

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