Part 5 of 5 – Pastor Joey Shares the Source of Doing the Right Thing

In Part 5 Joe and Pastor Joey talk about the challenges of doing the “right thing” and the source needed to help in the process.

Many times, we think we can overcome our challenges, hurts, pains and addictions alone. but the truth is we can’t.

Find out the true source of “doing the right thing” and take the pressure off of yourself.



Pastor Joey and Deep Waters Tabernacle

Pastor Joey Vasquez has been a friend and supporter of CrossRoads Freedom Center since we started our journey in 2011. He served as a member of our Board of Directors for a time and has been a constant source of encouragement and counsel. We are blessed that his newly founded church, Deep Waters Tabernacle, is a short few miles from CrossRoads! Our residents attend church there on Sundays and Prayer Meeting on Tuesday evenings. You can learn more about Deep Waters at

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