Part 3 with Paul Foss – How Serving Brings Healing & Blessing

What’s keeping us from disaster is serving. However, the problem is that we are naturally selfish and that gets in the way of our willingness or ability to serve.

In part 2 of Joe Tarasuk’s conversation with Paul Foss, they talk about the importance of serving others and how it brings about healing and blessing (See the video below).

Paul shared this quote from his Pastor:


“The smallest package is a man wrapped up in himself.”


When you serve for a purpose life is bigger and better!

Are you writing a story worth telling through your service to others?

You may not see it today, but 10 years ago could you have seen today?

Paul states that many times serving comes through our own weaknesses. Our weaknesses serve as opportunities to others to experience God’s blessings.

Are you willing to do something for God that you feel you don’t have the ability to do?

Serving leads to hope, God, second chances and freedom.

Are you ready to serve?



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paulfossPaul Foss is the CEO of Waterboyz for Jesus, a non-profit located in Frederick, MD. Their vision is “to help ordinary men be transformed into mighty warriors for the Kingdom.”

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