Part 2 with Paul Foss – From Disaster to Victory

Is your life a disaster thanks to addiction and need of some victory and hope?

In part 2 of Joe Tarasuk’s conversation with Paul Foss, Paul shares his personal story of going from disaster to victory.

In the early 1990’s, he found himself in the middle of a disastrous marriage that ended in divorce.

He had a six-figure income and most people thought he was a successful business owner. He had the house, car… everything one could ever want.

He ended up in a church by accident while dating a girl he knew from high school.

But by 1992 he shares that he was morally and financially bankrupt. His past had caught up to him and he was a broken man.

Yet God restored him from his disastrous choices even though he had lived a life of lies and deceit. But he still did not trust God.

In 2002, Paul was in deep due to lies about his finances that could have led him into serious legal trouble.

Learn how God redeemed Paul’s insecurities, fears and lies, and showed him hope, God, second chance and freedom… and how that day changed his life forever and led him to Waterboyz for Jesus.



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paulfossPaul Foss is the CEO of Waterboyz for Jesus, a non-profit located in Frederick, MD. Their vision is “to help ordinary men be transformed into mighty warriors for the Kingdom.”

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