Part 2 – Gary Byers Shares Helping up Mission’s Inspiring Story

In Part 2 of Joe Tarasuk’s interview with Gary Byers, Gary shares how Helping Up Mission was founded and the difference they make today working with Men in recovery.

See the short video below.

Some of the highlights include:

  • How Helping Up Mission started in downtown Baltimore, MD in 1885 to work with homeless men.
  • In 1994, the Board of Directors decided if homeless men were going to be helped they were going to have to start focusing on drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Today, 500 men are in residence in their long-term, 12-month recovery programs.

In addition, Joe shares how Crossroads Freedom Center in the Frederick, MD area started and now is offering a new Culinary Arts Institute to help those in recovery who want to develop a new skill for a rewarding career.



Pastor Gary Byers serves as the Deputy Director of Helping Up Mission (HUM) in Baltimore, MD. Gary’s responsible for offering spiritual direction and oversight for all clients and staff in the HUM family. HUM believes God’s love can set men free — from drugs and alcohol, from poverty and homelessness, and from any other self-destructive behavior.

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