Part 1 with Paul Foss – Living Beyond Your Dreams

Joe Tarasuk introduces Paul Foss of Waterboyz for Jesus in part 1 of this video series. Watch the video below.

Joe starts off by sharing the four key words that epitomize and define the ministry at Crossroads Freedom Center and we make for each man who is in the process of overcoming addiction:


Second Chance


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Joe defines success like this:


“Success = the hardest times  x  realizing the greatest blessings as you go through them”


For Joe, his greatest success was arrest many years ago that changed the trajectory of his life.

Paul shares that the first time he was at Crossroads Freedom Center he immediately “understood” what he was seeing and that God was clearly in the ministry.

Paul shares that he was impressed with Joe’s heart to offer a second chance to those who struggle with addiction. In fact, Paul goes on to share that he was blessed with a lot of second chances and how he has received mercy over judgment.

Joe is living his dream beyond his abilities, all with God’s direction and help.

If you’re struggling with an addiction and feel that you can never live your dreams, contact us today.



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paulfossPaul Foss is the CEO of Waterboyz for Jesus, a non-profit located in Frederick, MD. Their vision is “to help ordinary men be transformed into mighty warriors for the Kingdom.”

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