Video Interview Series

Every month, Joe Tarasuk interviews people in or on the front lines of addiction.

From pastors to church leaders, to other non-profit leaders who work in addiction or affected by it, to those who have themselves overcome addiction… Joe interviews them all.


Paul Foss


Part 1 with Paul Foss – Living Beyond Your Dreams

Part 2- From Disaster to Victory

Part 3 – How Serving Brings Healing & Blessing

Part 4 – Help is Needed to Overcome the Heroin Epidemic in Frederick, MD

Part 5- The Prospector Digging for Riches


Gary Byers


Joe interview Gary Byers of Helping Up Mission

Part 1- Gary Byers Shares His Story of Doubt to Faith (Released 7.25.16)

Part 2 – Gary Byers Shares Helping up Mission’s Inspiring Story

Part 3 – 3 Key Qualities for Success in Recovery

Part 4 – Is “Surrender” Really the Answer?

Part 5 – Prescription Drug Addiction is as Serious as Heroin

Part 6 – Archeology, History and Recovery



Pastor Joey Vasquez


Joe Interviews Pastor Joey Vasquez at Deep Waters Tabernacle Church in Ijamsville, MD.

Part 1 – Joe Tarasuk Shares CrossRoads Freedom Center with Pastor Joey Vasquez

Part 2 – Joe Tarasuk and Pastor Joey Vasquez Share Their Stories

Part 3 – It’s All About the Heart

Part 4 – How do Unresolved Past Issues Affect A Marriage

Part 5 – Pastor Joey Shares the Source of Doing the Right Thing