Relationship Struggles

healthy-relationshipsAre you a Christian adult struggling to have healthy relationships with people in your life?  Or do you have a loved one struggling with this?  You may have recently gone through a divorce, or if you’re married, you aren’t sure if it will survive much longer.  Healthy relationships require individual wholeness. However your ability to have healthy relationships can be damaged when your past includes:

  • Past or present addiction;
  • Sexual or emotional abuse;
  • Rejection or abandonment as a child;
  • Uncontrolled anger or rage;
  • Difficulty handling or avoiding conflicts;
  • Co-dependent relationships with unhealthy, unsafe people.

Raul’s story is an example of how unresolved issues in the past can cause relationship problems in the present. Raul was a pastor’s son, raised in the church.  His father was stern and rarely showed him love or affection.  Raul grew up just like his father, becoming a distant husband and father.  Now, separated from his wife, Raul must first face the rejection from his father so he can be healed to love his wife and family.

If you’re ready to admit you need help, you’ve already taken the first step!  You don’t have to live a life of pain, hurt, guilt or shame that continues a cycle of destructive and damaged relationships.

You can heal from the inside out.  There is hope for reconciliation and healthy, vibrant relationships in your life. Real recovery is only one email or one call away.


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