Part 3 – 3 Key Qualities for Success in Recovery

In Part 3 of Joe Tarasuk’s interview with Gary Byers, Gary shares 3 key qualities it takes to become successful for those entering recovery.

See the short video below.

Some of the highlights include:

  • How Gary’s role has changed over the year’s.
  • How there has to be a culture of acceptance no matter one’s background or religion if one is to experience the process of recovery.
  • Joe talks about acceptance and open mind in order to learn that God is alive and works with those who are seeking freedom from their addictions.
  • Gary shares his insights and experience to the three key qualities it takes to become successful in recovery.



Pastor Gary Byers serves as the Deputy Director of Helping Up Mission (HUM) in Baltimore, MD. Gary’s responsible for offering spiritual direction and oversight for all clients and staff in the HUM family. HUM believes God’s love can set men free — from drugs and alcohol, from poverty and homelessness, and from any other self-destructive behavior.

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